Questions to be Answered:

Fine-Structure Constant?

(i) The Origin
(ii) The Abacus
(iii) The Qbox
(iv) Entropy
(v) Fine-Structure Constant


Why 3-D Existence?

(i) 4π Symmetry

(ii) Existence in 3-D

Twenty Six Dimensions

Why Families of Quarks & Leptons?

¬ We do not know yet. 


The Challenge

Design a functioning device for α 1/134.

(Current technologies are for  α < 1/137.)


In a Nutshell

Nutshell 2018

Nutshell 2017

Nutshell 2016

Nutshell 2015

Nutshell 2014


Knots in j-space

Trefoil Knot
Figure-8 Knot
Gauss Code
Laurent Polynomials
Virtual Knots
Unknotting DNA




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    The objective of ijspace.org, is to take a not too serious look at nature from a non-expert's point of view.  It is a tribute to great minds, who have shaped the course of our civilization and continue to do so.

The One


Recent Updates

7th September 2019

Stitching Measurement Space Together - II

30th August 2019
b-field and the lower "mass" bound (FN1 added)

29th June 2019     
Stitching Measurement Space Together - I

      27th June 2019
        Mass Length Topology  (FN3 updated)

19th May 2019
Mass Length Topology

        9th May 2019
        A Timeless Constant

25th March 2019
Space Time and Entropy

5th February 2019
Nutshell 2018

10th December 2018
The Curve of Least Disorder

1st October 2018
Möbius & Lorentz Transformations - II

30th July 2018
Möbius & Lorentz Transformations - I

Topics in j-space

Action in j-space

Anharmonic Coordinates

Andromeda Galaxy

Axiom of Foundation

Boltzmann Constant

Chiral Symmetry

Compton Wavelength



The Curve of Least Disorder

De Broglie Equation

Discrete Space

Discreteness vs. Quantum

Duality Wave-Particle

Euclid's Axioms

Exclusion Principle


Finiteness vs. Quantum

Nature of Central Force

Gödel's Metric

Why is h needed?

Identity Matrix

Incompleteness I
Incompleteness II

Infinite Fulcrum  

Infinite Source  

Initial State 



Lorentz's Distribution

Lorentz Transformation

Majorana States

Mass Generation

Möbius Transformation

The Observers

A Paradox

EPR Paradox 

Planck Constant

Quantum Computing


Riemann Hypothesis

Schrödinger's Cat

Set Theory

Pauli Spin Matrices





Virtual Twins Symmetry


Concept of Time

Uncertainty Reln in j-space


Zero-Trace Matrices

ZFC Axioms


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